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Know About BIOMASS



Sacks Right Energy Innovations

Today whole world is moving towards alternate energy sources from Transportation to cooking. And we at Sacks Right Energy Innovations Pvt. Ltd., are dedicated ourselves to bringing change in Cooking domain.

In order to reduce dependency on fixed carbon fuels like, LPG, Oil we focused on Bio Fuels which are available easily & are eco-friendly as well. Our Cook stoves run on Biomass &/or wood pellets which are manufactured by Agricultural waste.

We develop cook stoves which are safe, healthy & hygienic compared to LPG & conventional cook stoves. Sacks Right Energy Innovations aims at providing the ultimate cooking solutions to both Domestic & Commercial purposes & below are the range of Products under the brand name "OJAS"


Technology : Advanced Clean Stoves i.e., "Ojas Biomass Smokeless Cook Stoves" use pyrolysis technique and burn efficiently using raw or processed biomass (Wood or Biomass Pellets)

Know How : Sacks Right Energy Innovations has developed in-house technology to produce superior class Cook Stoves, which are efficient, hygienic & Safe to use.

Facilities : Sacks Right Energy Innovations has facilities to produce range of cook stoves, which include – Wood Combustion Stoves (Natural Draft), Pellet fuel Stoves (Forced Draft).